Phonics foundation programme (Age 3 to 5)

Designed by early childhood learning expert, SmartStarterTM is a one-of-a-kind phonics course that builds solid English foundation for your young children to listen, speak, read and write better English.

Lesson Plan

  • Welcome and circle time
  • Stations for structure learning
  • Five senses stimulation, psycho-motor and learning skills
  • Songs, games or arts & crafts
  • Close and good bye

Why SmartStarter™?

  • It helps young kindergarteners (or pre-K) builds a solid English foundation by strengthening their alphabet recognition and phonics awareness.
  • It creates an enriching English learning environment to develop children’s speaking and listening skills.
  • It uses multi-sensory approach through arts & crafts, music & movement and stories to encourage fun learning attitude.
  • It offers great opportunities for children to socialize with peers

To see how our superior course materials and unique course design can benefit your child, please make an appointment with our trainer today.

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