SmartReading is a superior programme designed to train students to formulate effective reading strategy and comprehension skills. We appreciate different reading ability of individual students and provide the most suitable class material and format to help them achieve better reading skills.

Reading enhances the ability to focus, to think analytically and to acquire self-learning for life – these are the qualities that will help your child excel in today's competitive world.

Lesson Plan - StorySack (3 years old +)

  • Interactive story telling
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure learning
  • Listing exercise & re-telling the story
  • Writing exercise

Lesson Plan - SRA Reading Laboratory (4 years old +)

  • Story read-out-loud
  • Discussion about the story and keyword learning
  • Comprehension exercise
  • Writing

Our Proven Record

  • 100% of our students' parents rated SmartReading™ above other reading courses previously attended by their children.
  • 90% showed significant improvement on school subjects that are taught in English, especially with English Composition.
To see how our superior course materials and unique course design can benefit your child, please make an appointment with our trainer today.

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