Let’s Take a Look at the videos of a 4-5 year-old child read and dictate words and sentences using our unique SmartPhonics™ way

Smart Phonics - Pronunciation
Smart Phonics - Dictation

The videos are AMAZING!


  • Class interaction and revision
  • Introduction of new sounds/diagraphs
  • Listing exercise
  • Reading words and sentences
  • Unseen dictation of words/sentences

Our Proven Record

  • Our typical student (aged 4-5 years old) can read and dictate words like "soft, junk, bomb and quest" by lesson 10; and dictate sentences like "I help Mom to mop the floor",  "Tess is tall and slim" and "I can smell the fresh flower" by lesson 22.
  • 97% of our students' parents rated SmartPhonics™ above other phonics courses previously attended by their children
  • 95% of our students could read and write better than other kids of similar age

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Certificate & Reference

Certificate will be issued upon completion of all levels. Reference letters can be provided upon requests.

Recommended by
Band I Primary School English Teacher, Mrs. To

"SmartPhonicsTM is the most effective phonics programme I have seen in my 20 years' teaching experience. Other courses in Hong Kong teach phonics by songs, movements and gestures. Students cannot remember the letter sounds unless they sing the same songs or do the actions and movements. SmartPhonicsTM is different – children truly learn the letter sounds by heart to achieve the ultimate goal of blending different letter sounds. They show remarkable improvements in reading aloud written materials and unseen dictation. I have no hesitation in recommending this course."

*the course may be suitable to some children under 4 years old, please call to inquire and book your free assessment
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