Expression/ Writing/ P1 Interview

SmartExpression (conversation & Speech)

This course immerses children in an English only environment to provide them great opportunity to express themselves, articulate their thoughts and build their confidence in speaking English. 

Confidence in conversational English helps ESL children to
  • utilize English grammar naturally during speech
  • enrich their vocabulary and
  • build confidence in both their learning skills and social aspect

Course Activities/Details

  • Free chat
  • Theme of the day
  • Structured learning on Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Discussion & Role play
  • Pronunciation & Phonics


To see how our superior course materials and unique course design can benefit your child, please make an appointment with our trainer today.

Course Details

  • Encourage reading
  • Build vocabulary & grammar
    - It aims to enrich student’s vocabulary and to build sounded grammatical skills in each lesson.
  • Improve writing skills
    - It introduces different writing functions such as Narratives, Persuasive writing, Letters, reports, etc.

P1 Interview Course

This one-of-a-kind course consists of experienced education trainers and child psychologists to understand the strength and weakness of the child’s learning attitude and abilities.

P1 Interview Assessment

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