SmartGrammar™ is one-of-a-kind English course aim for students to fully grasp the rules that govern the language and avoid common mistakes. Students are taught one grammatical topic each lesson followed by open discussion and exercise to ensure effective application of the rule. Featured guided-writing lessons are included in the course to improve students’ understanding and application of the grammar they learnt.

Lesson Plan

  • Conception introduction
  • Discussion and examples
  • Grammar exercise
  • Guided writing

Why SmartGrammar™?

  1. Our dedicated trainers and small class structure allows effective understanding and individual practice of the language, which fosters learning interest and efficiency.
  2. Tailor-made curriculum is available for one-to-one private class to closely echo school curriculum.

Our Prov Record

  • 97% of our students' parents rated SmartGrammar™ above other grammar courses previously attended by their children.
  • 95% of our students could write and communicate more accurate than before by making less grammatical mistakes.
  • 95% showed significant improvement on school tests and exams.
To see how our superior course materials and unique course design can benefit your child, please make an appointment with our trainer today.

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